Pack design forms a vital part of our business because 97% of our products are bespoke. As well as our own designs, we also use the services of supply partners in order to satisfy our customers. Working from either a design brief or product, we begin creating packs using standard or modified FEFCO styles - click here for more information. In some instances designs are created from scratch, particularly when dealing with die cuts, fittings or display units. Once we have agreed a style for the pack, we then need to understand how the pack will be handled in order to determine which material to use, in corrugated terms – board grades. Some of the factors affecting board grade selection would be:

  • Product weight
  • Product value
  • Purpose of pack
    • Transit
    • Presentational/point of sale
  • Print requirements
  • Mode of transportation
    • Land, Sea or Air
  • Palletisation and stacking
  • Environmental considerations
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
  • Certification requirements/specifications
    • UN Hazardous Goods Packaging
    • MOD DR14
    • EN, IATA

Once a pack has been designed and materials specified, we have full CAD facilities available to us for production of samples for customer testing and approval.

We routinely work with the following materials and processes on behalf of our customers.

  • Fluting mediums N, E, M/R, B, C, A and combinations thereof
  • Paper weights from 90g liners all the way through to heavy duty wet strength Krafts
  • Specialist boards for display, print, insulation, water resistance, VCI, antibacterial etc
  • Print Capabilities
    • Flexographic print up to 6 colours from basic 1 colour to high quality POS
    • Lithographic direct and offset for solid board and corrugated
    • Screen print
  • Experience in pack testing and project management for products requiring UN approval or other similar shipping certification for hazardous goods